Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zest Air - The Worlds Worst Airline Company.

25th of October. I was scheduled to Go to Davao for a Training Session with Ximex Delivery Staff -Davao. I was supposed to leave Manila by 4am in the morning and leave Davao the same day at 7:50pm.

Prior to that day, I was given money for transportation. And of course, transpo-allowances does not need to be liquidated in the company so I had the liberty to hop on a plane with cheap fares and Zest Air was heaven sent to have really really cheap air fares. After paying I had around P2000.00 left from the transportation allowance.

25th came and When I woke up very very very early that day and felt that my eyes were itchy but that didn't bother me. I thought "Baka muta lang na matindi ang kapit". After preparing my stuff, I was ready to go.

Tickets *Check!*
Laptop *Check!*
Cellphone *Check!*
Wallet *Check!*
ID's *Check!*

Inside the taxt cab on my way to the airport my eyes started to itch and it became red. I realized that I might have sore eyes.

When I arrived in front of the Check-in counter at NAIA, I asked the person (her name is Arlene Ferlan) Manning the counter if people with sore eyes are allowed in the plane.

"Ma'am, pwede po ba sumakay ng eroplano pag may sore eyes?" I asked.

She looked at my eyes and replied with "hindi naman yata malala yang sayo sir, pwede yan sir."

I asked her "What if lumala sa Davao? Naka schedule ako bumalik mamayang gabi."

She told me "Okay lang yan sir, hindi naman kayo haharangin dahil may sakit kayo."

That gave me a lot of confidence that I could go to Davao and comeback the same day. So I boarded the aircraft and flew happily. When I arrived at Davao, I finished everything I needed to do. And I finished 5 hours earlier than I expected.

After a busy day, training people, and talking to the staff and the Manager at Davao Branch. It was finally time to go home. But I was worried because my sore eyes got worse while I was walking around Victoria Mall waiting for my flight(after working). I had both eyes really really red and it had excessive discharge of pus (yellow infected substance).

I bought a pair of sunglasses so that people won't get disgusted with my eyes. After that, I headed to Davao Airport.

When I was at the airport, I've been informed that my flight has been moved. From 7:50PM to 9:50PM. That was really really late. But what can I do? So I got out of the airport and had dinner.

I went back to the airport and lined up at the check in counter.

After the guy gave me my boarding pass, someone behind him said"Bai, tan-awa iyang mata. Naka shades. basi naay sore eyes." (trans: pare, tignan mo mata niya. naka shades. baka may sore eyes yan).

The guy followed me and had me remove my sunglasses for inspection, he said "Aguy! Sir patan-aw sa nato ni sa Manager namo." (trans: nako! sir patingin muna natin to sa manager namin.).

At that point, while walking I knew something was wrong. I was thinking that the girl at the Check-in counter at NAIA lied to me.

So what I did was I tried to lie my way out of it when the manager approached me. I told her "Hindi naman po ito sore eyes, naaccidente kasi ako kanina na sprayan ng pesticide kaya namula at naluluha".

And she told me that they were trained to determine if someone has sore-eyes because they have been alerted that it was Sore-eyes "Season". Uso daw sore eyes dun.

I was caught lying so I told them the truth.

I told her what the girl at the check-in counter at NAIA told me but she insisted that I really couldn't board the aircraft because of my condition. She also informed that I've been blocked in their system for 10 Days. If I get well in less than 10 days, she told me to go back and she'll have me scheduled for a flight back to Manila immediately.

I also asked if she could transfer me to another airline. She told me that they were not tied up with other airline companies and even if they did transfer me, I wouldn't be able to board because of my condition.

I really couldn't help but get frustrated at that moment. I knew nothing about Davao. I didn't know where to stay. So I hopped on a taxi and had the driver assist me. I instructed him to bring me somewhere near a hospital. He brought me to Elles pension house in Mt. Apo Street since it was near to Davao Doctors Hospital.

I stayed there a couple of days. Within that time frame, I had 3 checkup's with Dr. Crisostomo Serrano at Davao Doctors Hospital (2nd Floor, I really recommend him, he's really good and passionate with what he does). I was treated for Bacterial Conjunctivitis.

After 6 days, my sore eyes were gone. I was very excited to go back home to Manila.

But when I returned to the airport. On the process of getting my boarding pass, the guy asked me for a medical certificate. The guy on the counter told me that I was blocked on the system unless I can present him with a medical certificate with the Doctors SSS# and PRC ID# in it. That was something the manager failed to let me know. It was November 1 (holiday) that time and Doctor Serrano was no where to be found at the hospital.

I can't wait until wednesday to get a certificate because I had a scheduled Meeting with someone who was supposed to fund one of my projects. I had no chance of getting aboard that stupid Aircraft. I had no more cash left because I spent more than P9,000.00 on Medical fees, Hotel, food, clothing, and transportation expenses. I only had less than P3,000.00. I asked if I could refund the ticket but they told me they could not process refunds that time.

So I called and went to the managers house at Ximex Davao and had to make kapal-mukha and borrow money.

I went back to Davao airport and prayed that somebody would miss his/her flight since all flights at Philippine Airlines were fully booked. Being a chance passenger was hard. I had no assurance.

After 1 flight and 5 hours. My prayer was answered.

For the next flight to Manila, 3 People we're not able to board the flight within the alloted time to check in and I was able to fly with PAL, WITHOUT HASSLE.

When I got back to Manila. Tuesday that week, I went to Zest Air Office at NAIA and I asked the managers if I could talk to the girl at check-in counter who told me that everything was going to be ok for me even if I had sore eyes. And they had her called.

I remained calm in the 1st couple of minutes. I told her about my experience and what she's caused me. And later on I got emotional while I was narrating my story.

After telling my story the girl (Arlene Ferlan) told me "Sir sorry po. Pero ok na po ba? Kelangan ko po kasi bumalik sa counter.".

Imagine that, napaka bastos.

My point was, "bakit mo sinabi sakin na ok lang sumakay ang may sore eyes? If you said no. This shouldn't have happened.". Time, Money and effort could have been saved.

I got really furious and my temper rose to an all time high. I told her "Putang ina, ganun na lang un? I was expecting na at least tutulungan mo ako ma refund ung ticket ko."

I tore my ticket into pieces and threw it at Arlene. I didn't mean to do it, but I was angry that time. I shoved her to the side and left the office.

I really hope that Zest air would train their employees so that they could save their passengers time, money and effort.

So to everyone who's looking for Cheap fares. DO NOT CONSIDER ZEST AIR. The hassle isn't worth it. Maybe its more appropriate to call it a CHEAP Flight rather than a flight with a cheap fare. 

Zest air sucks. After paying the air fares, they leave you with inconvenience.

AGAIN, Zest air Sucks. Please, save yourself.

UPDATE: You may get a copy of the header image as a desktop wallpaper by downloading through one of the links below! (Right Click and "Save Link As...")

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I'll be posting some anti Zest-air banners later so we can spread the word through the web!